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Fire Risk Assessments From £199 

Fire safety risk assessments is at the core of what we do at DC Fire Safe. We carry out fire risk assessments on anything from small businesses with a single floor and minimal rooms to large multi story, complex buildings.  
Some examples of business that we can accommodate are; Shops, Care Homes, Factories, Office complex, Retail Stores, Garages and workshops, Schools and Colleges. We can take care of your fire risk assessment no matter how small or large. 

Fire Training  From £75.00 From £375 for up to 12 people 

We can undertake various fire training fitted to your individual needs, we can arrange fire training at your premise or arrange training at an off site venue or conference centre. 
Training can also be arranged to contain hot fire extinguisher training. 

Fire Warden and Marshal Training  From £85.00 From £399 for up to 12 people 

We can arrange a more detailed fire warden training course, also known as fire marshals, This can be arranged at your place of business or at an off site venue.  
Theses courses can be with or without hot fire extinguisher training. 

Fire Extinguisher Supplies & Maintenance  From £6.50 per Extuingisher 

We can supply & commission all your fire extinguisher to your business premise. 
We can correctly site & install all fire extinguishers to your premise so as to conform to UK fire safety legislation. 
We can carry out all your fire extinguisher maintenance - Annual test & inspections, discharge tests & commisioning.  

Fire Safety Engineering & Inspections 

We can arrange to inspect your premise or business and give fire safety advice in relation to your particular circumstance, be it a retail business, modern development project or a manufacturing plant. We design from scratch the fire engineering requirements to ensure code and fire safety legislation compliance ensuring occupants are fully protected from fire. We work to Approved Document Part B (Fire Safety) of schedule 1 of the Building Regulations for the UK. 
We also have extensive experience of applying National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes for multinational companies in Africa, Europe, Central & South America and provide code consultancy supervision, Inspection and risk assessment. We also offer strategic fire hazard management advice grounded in fire science, adding user focused fire safety advice with awareness to risk & human behaviour & can provide simulation and analysis if required